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Dr. Goel is an amazing neurologist. I have been to several neurologists’ over the years and she is by far #1. Blessed to be in her care. She takes her time with you – you are never rushed. She thinks “outside of the box”. She has empathy for her patients. She reminds me of the doctors who used to make home visits. The front office and nursing staff are all kind and considerate. Dr. Goel is a Doctor’s doctor but more importantly she will advocate for your health!

Reviewed: 2/7/18

“Dr. Goel listened to all of my symptoms and asked very important questions concerning the onset of my symptoms and any relief of ongoing symptoms. She performed a thorough neurological exam to rule out several disorders. She is caring and very thorough in her examination. She listens to my concerns and questions. Dr.Goel typed in my medical timeline of symptoms in my chart and offered several options for recovery. I was pleased with her examination and her staff is also accommodating, kind and courteous. No problem getting an appointment booked here.

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I have been a patient of Dr. Goel for a number of years. My first interaction with the Doctor was when I had been hospitalized for a worsening of my condition . After that I came under Dr. Goel’s care.The results have been fantastic . Dr. Goel is the most professional and personable doctor I have been associated with. I would recommend the Doctor to any members of my family and anyone lookin for a top grade neurologist .

Reviewed: 3/26/21


“I have been helped by Dr. Goel for some time and she has been a great doctor. She discovered the reason for a problem I had that had all other doctors stumped. I would occasionally fall over as if I was made of wood at any random time. I even fell on my own walker and broke it! Dr. Goel noticed a disc near the top of my spine was touching the spinal cord. A quick operation, and I've been on my feet for about a year. Everyone at the office has been polite and helpful and appointments are in plenty of time for me. They are great!”


Very easy to get appointment. Office staff very courteous , polite, understanding and helpful. Dr. Goel is fantastic. She takes her time to explain everything that is going on with your condition. Offers expert advice and treatment options. Her personality is wonderful . Nice person as well as a good doctor.

Reviewed: 10/30/19


Dr Goel was really attentive and listened to my concerns about my symptoms . She asked me a lot of questions before performing her neurological exam to rule out other conditions or disease. She is reassuring and very patient . She is concerned about making the right diagnosis and offering options for treatment . The staff there is kind and helpful in getting and appointment.

Reviewed: 9/15/20


I am delighted to have found Dr. Goel. She is smart, listens to what I say, and considers my opinions. When she does tests, she explains what she is doing and why?and she does the same when recommending treatment. She considers how other medical problems and my neurological ones interact, and how my medications may relate to each other. Some neurological problems can’t be cured, but their effects can be lessened; Dr. Goel has been able to reduce my discomfort from them. She also has encouraged non-medical actions to improve my health. I feel that she cares about my health and my overall functioning, and I appreciate her interest. I’m very impressed with her, as are the friends to whom I’ve recommended her; and I like her. The office staffers are responsive and helpful. I strongly recommend her.



Dr. Goel always takes her time with my Dad. She is thoughtful and thinks outside the box to give ideas to help us as a family dealing with dementia. I highly recommend her.

Reviewed: 1/8/21


Dr. Goel recently treated my 88 year old dad. Dr. Goel 100% explains everything until you understand and her diagnosis was dead-on correct. She is a gem. I would recommend her to everyone. Also, her office staff is kind and efficient, and when you call they actually answer the phone!! This is rare.

Reviewed: 1/28/21


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